Works in exhibitions and collections

”On journeys, in movement, a sense of lightness is created”

My works tell stories from my journey. We each have our own journey through life that is different, valuable and full of new opportunities. In exhibitions, my works form entities that engage in dialogue with each other, in joint exhibitions also with the works of other artists. Common themes and different materials inspire us to brainstorm and work together creatively. My works have been exhibited in many solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

I design and make art textiles, rya rugs and acoustic works for public spaces and private homes. When working on commissioned art, I interact flexibly and fruitfully with clients, architects, art weavers and seamstresses, as well as other artists. Once the starting points for the design work have been mutually agreed, I produce several sketches for the client to choose from. I also use sewing and embroidery techniques to make sculptural jewellery, small works of art that travel with you on your own journey.

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